i want to add an end time in my query using my time to call column.

at the moment i have a time to call which will be the start time however i want to add timetocall as endtime which is 15 mins after the timetocall column.

i am syncing this to outlook that is why i need the two and at moment it is not possible to add another column to the existing database.

here is my query:

SELECT tasks.TaskID, tasks.TaskAdded, tasks.TaskType, tasks.Urgent, tasks.clients_ClientID, tasks.TaskTitle, tasks.ProductAssociated, tasks.TaskDescription, tasks.FurtherAction, tasks.Documents_DocID, tasks.Tasks_UserID, tasks.Task_AddedByUserID, tasks.TaskDueDate, tasks.TimeToCall, tasks.Completed, users.UserID, users.FullName, clients.ClientID, clients.App1FirstName, clients.App1LastName, clients.ClientUserID
FROM tasks JOIN users on Tasks_UserID = users.UserID LEFT JOIN clients ON tasks.clients_ClientID = clients.ClientID

not sure how to ADDTIME() to the timetocall and use this as an alias of "EndTimeToCall" ??

any help appreciated.

many thanks

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thansk for the help that sorted it.

had to take the s off minutes to make it MINUTE

thanks again

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