I've spent a good while looking, but keep coming up empty. Can anyone provide any advice for reading from a database (Google search has lead me to believe it is Paradox, of some type) with the file extension T.

And the connection with Python language?


The relevance to python, is, of course, that I wish to access this database in Python! As regards the database type, of all of the paradox viewers, readers, and modules I have tried to use to access the database, not a single has any recognition of the format. I am weary to try any more Paradox viewers til I know the spec. that created this file, and actually KNOW the proper method of accessing it, rather than simply trying every Paradox viewer available.

Maybe type command in Linux could recognize it's signature if you have access to Linux system? Maybe it is not Paradox file.

I don't see how the type command would achieve this, would you care to explain?

type command in Linux systems have big database of patterns in file data and recognizes the file type according to this signature instead of what happens to be the filename. Similar way as virus scanner looks for signature of virus.

You are working in Windows though?

Currently in Linux, could switch into Windows on a whim, though.

Yes, that one. So what it says when you use 'type *.t'?

type *.t doesn't find anything, it doesn't recognize the extension.