Hi Colleagues

I would just like to wether it is possible to link a Database to a website.

my website would be one whereby members have to create accounts and put money in their accounts by transfering the funds to our Business Bank Account and then we use that reference to put credits in their Online Accounts.

they would then use those credits to buy our products & services online.

So my difficulty lies in this...

I want my business database to be connected to the websiteand memebers online account, so that:

1. when a member transfers money into my businesses bank account, i can quickly and
with ease, update that members account on my database with the amount of money
they paid. fort e.g.

(**if their account balance is $70 and they paid $20 in my bank
account i want to be able to make his new balance $90 and then it
should reflect on his account on the website)

2. If the member buys on of our products online, then i want that his online account
balance to be deducted accordingly and that transaction to be reflected in his
online account and on our business database.

is this possible?, how and is there any product out there already, should i visit a programmer, software developer? any ideas, references,information and advise on this one would be greatly welcome.

i am new to web desig, i have the ideas but really dont know much, therefor all help is welcome?

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Hi mwaikange,

From what i gathered from your concern below, you want to build an interactive website that can allow both the user and administrator (yourself) to access/write to your database.

First, you need to decide whether to integrate your website content with your business database (i assumed this to be your accounting database) or to store them separatelly. I prefer to integrate, as this ensure data consistency and integrity. For a start, you need to think about designing your database for your business (accounting) system, before you begin to work on your website. Your database need to be normalised, scalable and robust to support a high traffic of transactions. To do this, you need to know the nuts and bolts of an accounting system. I suggest you do some research on this topic or read some books on database designing (e.g. book from accountingdes.com), before you start creating your database.

Good Luck :)

hello friend...i am a final year student and i want to develop a accounting soft for my college project..can anyone help me developing a database of that..that wud b a great help for me ...as a student i need to complete this...that wud also help me to learn about database..please guys

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