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Noob here sry.

Mysql DB

1. How can i insert an H1 tag <h1>Listings</h1> to a table structure as field ? A functional H1 tag.
2. How can i insert or import a nationalities csv file to a table ?

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Noob there, please write in English.

1) Use the MySQL INSERT statement.
2) Use the MySQL LOAD DATA statement.

If this does not answer your questions, as I suppose, try to be more specific.


I hope by adding the attach will help.


No it doesn't. It shows that you have a table with a field named H1. So what?
If you want to get something in it, use the INSERT statement. If you do not know how to use it study the MySQL manual.
If your question is how to extract the H1 content from a text, there are lots of techniques - it all depends on the programming language. You can do it with a bash script or write a C++ program for it - whatever suits your needs.
But it is still not clear what the problem is and where you are stuck.

ok lets put it this way
maybe i can make myself more understandable.

1. I want to insert the H1 field in Nationality table. i've did it but im not sure if its correct inserted.
2. After this i want to edit each line EG: American, Canadian, Australian
and add something in the H1 field which will act as H1 tag and output it to webpage as H1 tag.


I don't understand. Show some sample code and data.

I have a website php+mysql
I have one mysql DB with different tables inside as: categories, currencies, lang, users, and so on.
The table categories has different fields as: categ_name, categ_id, seo_name, seo_title, seo_description and seo_keywords and so on.
I want to insert an field named H1_tag.
How can i insert the H1_tag field and what type of values should i attribute to this field in order to work properly?
Than i will edit each line EG: american, canadian, australian
What should i write in this H1_tag field to display on the webpage a text as HTML H1 tag ?

The pic shows the table category.

You can insert a field into a table with the ALTER TABLE statment. Google the mysql.com site for it.
Your screenshot looks like you are using phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin has a page for altering the table structure, too.
If you just insert the field into your table, your PHP code must be aware of it to display it properly. So you will have to alter the PHP code.
Did you ever write some PHP code to retrieve values from a database? If not, learn about it. Google for a primer on connecting to MySQL via PHP.