Hey everyone! I am a student and am supposed to find some problems with this database design and eventually come up with ways how to fix them. I have listed some problems below that I have found, can someone help me with either fixes or additional problems that you see?

1.) Two tables with same name certification.
2.) The relationship from University to certification needs a foreign key to get to the table.
3.) It doesn’t look like a faculty member can work at more than one university.
4.) The Phone entity needs to be connected somehow to the database.
5.) No foreign key between Sponsor and Faculty_proj.
6.) No foreign key from Company to Conference.

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At first look this design seems to be too critical.

Some tables can be merged.

Needs dedicated time to provide a solution.


Yes. I agree. Other than all the foreign keys missing I am not seeing much else. This is pretty confusing and should probably be explained, and fixed, in class.


The entities are too tightly coupled , it will be a real pain if any changes are required to implement in future.

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