Hopefully someone can help me. Explaining this may be a pain for ya, but I would really appreciate any assistance that you may be able to give me.

Here is my scenario.

-I am trying to import a csv file into phpmyadmin.
-The MySQL database is for Wordpress.
-The .csv file is individual posts.
-Each post has multiple custom fields.
-Some of the fields include content such as (") and (,)

My issues are as follows:

1) I am trying to figure out how to do the import into the wp_post table, even though there is no "field" within THAT table that is "category", nor are the "custom field" fields. They are apparently within different tables.
2) I cannot import the posts without the custom fields, as they are extremely valuable to the posts themselves.
3) Two of the custom fields are hyperlinks that reference specific images within the database
4) One of the custom fields is a hyperlink to another page within the site.

Any ideas? Even a point in the right direction would help out a lot. I'm just getting starting with databases, and would love a little nudge in the proper direction. I don't want to completely mess up the website before I even get it to launch. Thanks in advance.

I don't know wordpress. But I recommend that you first import your raw data into mysql. Afterwards they will be much easier to manipulate.
Set up a table which matches the structure of your CSV data and import them. Then you can build views or queries which adapt the source data to the wordpress structures, e.g. by concatenating the custom fields into one wordpress text field.
Alternatively you might code a wordpress extension which directly makes uses of your imported data.

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