Hi, I have ms access as front end software to be used for employees in my company.
Every user will have different access to the contents inside based on their role.
For example, manager will have different access from the others.

First attachment is the image for limiting user access as well as giving specific roles to the user. With this function, every users will have different access, what the table they can see and can't, etc.

However, I have some issues that already happen in the past twice, and not it just happens again.
When I modify some script in the ms access (although I did not modify anything on the main form -- > mainRegister Form), it will prompt me to a message(message to choose which form to save) like in the second attachment and it will always have the option to save the mainRegister Form.
However, If i did not untick the mainRegister Form, and save the form (it should not change anything in the mainRegister because i did not make any change), i will come to this issue. (not everytime, this is the third time)
All users without exception can see all the contents inside the access, although they have limitation. No more access restriction.
So basically, the user limitation function in the first attachment can't work.

Does anyone have any idea about this?