hi, i am new here and i hope you could help me with my ERD ... it goes like this

• A patient can make many appointments with one or more doctors in the clinic, and a
doctor can accept appointments with many patients. However, each appointment is made
with only one doctor, and each appointment references a single patient.
• Emergency cases do not require an appointment. However, for appointment management
purposes, an emergency is entered in the appointment book as “unscheduled.”
• If kept, an appointment yields a visit with the doctor specified in the appointment. The
visit yields a diagnosis and, when appropriate, treatment.
• With each visit, a patient’s records are updated to provide a medical history. Each visit’s
record consists of a number of ‘lines’, each of which involves a problem, a diagnosis, and
a charge to the patient.
• Each patient visit creates a bill. Each patient visit is billed by one doctor, and each doctor
can bill many patients.
• Each bill must be paid. However, a bill may be paid in many instalments, and a payment
may cover more than one bill.
• A patient may pay the bill directly, or the bill may be the basis for a claim submitted to an
insurance company.
• If the bill is paid by an insurance company, a portion (the ‘deductible’) is submitted to the
patient for payment.

I am not sure on how to make this into a diagram ...

You start by thinking about entities and their relationships. Then you draw a diagram according to the usual specifications that show those entities and relationships. Examples abound.

Just glancing quickly at your spec, you will need tables for Patient, Doctor, Appointment (with foreign keys for Patient and Doctor). Is an Appointment the exact same thing as a Visit? If not, what is different? Can you make one table that handles both things? You will also need a MedicalHistory table with appropriate columns. Your spec doesn't say, but I think each "line" in the history is also associated with the doctor who did the work. The specification for billing is unrealistic, but you can see how it has to go.

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