Ok here is my assignment. I will admit that it is homework - but I just can not seem to see relationships and building the ERD's that my instructor wants. I think it is his accent or maybe I can not follow too good. In any event, I have not trouble with SQL code nor trouble with access - it is just these darn ERDs that cause me so much trouble. It is from Database Design and Development (Frost) pg 63. If anyone can point me in the correct direction - I would appreciate it immensely.

Lame Events puts on athletic events for local athletes. They would like to have a database, including things like the sponsor for the event, the participants in the event, and where it was located, that can keep track of these events. For each event, they need a description, date, and cost. Separate costs are negotiated for each event. They would also like to have a list of potential sponsors that includes each sponsor’s contact information such as the company name, street address, city, province, postal code, contact person, and phone number. Each event will have a single sponsor, but a particular sponsor may sponsor more than one event over time. They also need a master list of locations such as running tracks and stadiums that can be used for the events. For each location, they need to know the facility name, type, street address, city, province, postal code, contact person, and phone number. A particular event will only use one location, but a location may be used for multiple events. For each participant they need to know, their first name, last name, street address, city, province, postal code, phone number, email address, and emergency contact phone number. A Particular event will have multiple participants and the same person may participate in multiple events over time. They would like to track the participant’s overall time and finish position for each event.
Lame Events puts on many different types of events. For all events, they want to keep track of a description, date, and cost as mentioned above. For running events, they also want to store, the distance of the run and whether or not the race course is certified by the Canadian Track and Field Association. For bicycle events, they want to know the distance and whether the event is a race or a recreational ride. For triathlons, the swim, bike, and run distances must be stored. Lame Events occasionally puts on other types of events and will need a description for those. Finally, athletes who refer other athletes to their first Lame Event receive a credit towards future registration fees. An athlete may refer several others for increased credits, but Lame Events will only provide one credit for any new athlete being referred.
Produce an ERD which defines all this.

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