HI all, am fairly new here stil and hope to give back as much as i take , in time , experience and wisdom... (the wisdom bit is probably way off for now)

I have a set of tables , but one table needs to show the information chosen in one column . (we will call this column Country and the field holds United Kingdom and is linked to the primary id of the table)
A column in the same table (we will call this column Team and the field should hold the data selected in country)

1.My issue is comes from trying differing sorts of sql and not really understanding how access processes these including reserved words etc. Any POinters would be a great help , especially MS Access 2007 style approach to SQL table queries etc
2. I am not sure if i am breaking relational integrity rules here, by allowing repettition of data in the same table.
3. Help !?
4. Please ??
5. Thanks for reading Gruffy
ps below is sql i have currently tried, but get errors for:

;cant get to work

FROM tblAthlete INNER JOIN tblAthlete AS tblAthlete ON tblAthlete.Country = tblAthlete.Team;

;cant get to work

UPDATE tblAthlete INNER JOIN tblAthlete AS tblAthlete ON tblAthlete.Country = tblAthlete.Team SET;
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