I am taking a database course and we are required to create some SQL queries. So don't give me the answer if possible. Just let me know what is wrong with this code:

FROM Visit as v
LEFT OUTER JOIN Visit_Service as vs on vs.visit_id = v.visit_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN Patient as p on p.pat_id = v.pat_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN Service as s on s.service_cd = vs.service_cd
LEFT OUTER JOIN Physician as ph on ph.phys_id = v.phys_id
WHERE v.pat_id = '101'
GROUP BY p.pat_id
HAVING v.visit_date = MAX(v.visit_date)

Thanks so much, Dawn

It really kind of depends. What is it supposed to do and what is it actually doing?

since you are using GROUP BY clause , you need to use some grouping function as part of the select list.

I'm trying to pull information from the visit table about the most recent visit. The most recent visit might have more than one record. I want all records to display.

I want all records to display.

Then why you need to use GROUP BY clause in the SQL ?

you are using left outer join so there may be possible one of its dependency rows not getting while select loop in query