- I'm using ms sql and then i export the database and then i save that export DB at desktop.After that i delete the database in ms sql because i want to learn how to import the DB.My problem is cannot import the DB that i export before.Anyone can help me to give the tutorial how to import the DB into MS SQL.

- This is the file of DB that i want to import into ms sql :


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What exactly is the problem, that you are facing ?

The file you saved is a SQL backup. You have to RESTORE to get it into SQL Server. You can either do this through the Management Studio GUI or using a RESTORE DATABASE command (look in BOL for syntax).

Keep in mind that the Management Studio GUI expects the file to have a .BAK extension, so be sure to use the drop-down to select "All Files (*.*)" so you can see your backup file.

Good luck!

Edit: I hope none of that data was sensitive, proprietary or confidential...

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