Hi Guys. I'm having an error "Error No. 2003. Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)".

I am using windows XP in my laptop. Before, I have no problem in using MySQL.
I also tried to connect using MySQL Administrator, but I got the same error. Sometimes I can connect, sometimes not, and now, not at all.

Can u please help me explain what the cause of this error and how can I fix this?
Any ideas/ suggestions would be gladly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance. :)

10061 means that the host cannot be found. Are you sure mysql is running ?

U just find out whether your MYSQL server is running or not.
Go to control panel,Administrative Tools,then click Services.There u can find out the MYSQL service.You can start or restart it.After that run the project.

thanks for your suggestions guys.. I tried restarting / start MySQL but I got an error.. I think MySQL server is not running.

What would be the possible solution for this? What if I'll try to reinstall mysql? or maybe I'll have to change OS..

Look in the system log for the cause of the error.
In Vista you'll find it at %SystemRoot%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s , in Linux at /var/log/messages

@ pritaeas, what is WAMP or XAMPP? Is it a server? How can I use it? I already downloaded it. What will I do next?

@ smantscheff, where can I find the System log? I am using windows xp.

Thanks for your continuous advises/suggestions guys. :)

Actually, on my desktop pc, MySQL is working fine, I have 2 OS there: Windows 7 and Windows XP. MySQL is working fine on both OS. I've never encountered error regarding MySQL server there. But on my laptop, XP is the OS, before, I'm using MySQL fine, but now, I don't know why it is not working when my desktop and laptop have both Windows XP installed. I'm looking for some solutions aside from changing OS on my laptop.

Open a command line window and enter %SystemRoot%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s XAMPP/WAMPP is a pre-configured package with Apache, Mysql, PHP and Perl.

i had the same problem...so i uninstalled and then re-installed mysql.It worked and none of my data was lost

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