Can any one suggest the method to delete bulk records upto 1 lakh without specifying any condition? There's no Id to be specified in checking in the where condition. Please suggest an idea .

Thanks In advance

Can you please explain with your table definition and a small example what it is that you want to achieve ?


I just want to delete the old data of datbase. Hence i need to delete about 1 lakh records from different tables. Hence i need the query to delete the records.

DELETE FROM tablename

But wouldn't it be easier to just drop everything and recreate all tables ?

No yaar i want to delete the first 1 lakh record,how should i get the count,rather to delete this much record time out will show on executing query

See this thread on how to do it. If you omit the where in the sub-query, then the natural order of the table will be used.

DELETE FROM tablename WHERE id IN (SELECT TOP 5 id FROM tablename)

You need am ID to specify a WHERE condition. Else, you may end up losing the whole data in the table. In order to remove the data from the table while retaining table structure, do this:


but you can delete a selected number from the table just as specified below:

  FROM [HumanResource].[dbo].[Employees]