here's the deal. I want to import data from xls file.at the moment I'm using phpMyAdmin's Import option to do it, but I'm wondering if there's another way to import the file to a new table in my db because-
-the first rows and cols in the file are empty, which means I need to delete them manually before each import.
-there are some cols that have the same name field, so I need to change it too (cuz there can't be 2 fields with the same name in the db) and to something specific each time so that the code I wrote won't give me problems
-I want to import few files with 1 click, and at the moment I'm importing each file separately.
-the name of the table that the import creates is set by the name of the excel sheet, which I also need to set correctly otherwise my code won't recognize the table.

so there's a lot of manual work to be done for a simple import. is there a way to make this process easier?

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IF you have php installed on that server you can do this thing by using php script (need to be developed according to your requirements).


phpExcelReader.zip does the trick. I am using XAMPP under WINDOWS and LINUX as well.
Good luck, linuxaomi

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