I have connected java with oracle over lan, in connection string i have provided the IP address, now the startup is very slow, how can i make it fast, i have already asked the same question in java forum but no responce, so i thought oracle expertise can answer this question.

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What exactly you mean by startup is very slow ?

when i double click application, it takes some time to connect with oracle server but that time is almost 15 sec, i want to make it 4 or 3 sec, i have also opened a port , tried both TCP AND UDp but nothing worked.... so is there any way to make connection with oracle database server faster?

How fast you are able to connect to oracle server form any client on the same machine as your application . Is is faster than your application connection time ?

On same machine, when i use localhost rather then IP , it connect with in 2 sec. Even on same machine when i use its IP it connect faster, but over lan its very slower

Tell me first the database is on the same machine from which you are trying to connect or on another server over LAN ?

and how fast is the ping request

try using system / server name instead of IP.

what about tnsping ?

How i m supposed to do this? :)

type tnsping <database_name> at command prompt and check the response time.

ex---- tnsping orcl

tnsping only working on database server, not working from any other computer over lan

tnsping only working on database server

who told you ?

It will work from each and every system that has oracle client installed and has the TNS set, and can access the server over any network like LAN.

Actually, its not oracle application, its completly created in java, i have connected it with connection string


There is no oracle client installed on any system over lan, if u suggest it will make it fast, then i will use it.

Find more connection stings here.

Do u think, changing connection string make the connection faster? Have u tried it before.... I thought making multiple port opening can make app faster?

It is not the connection string but he driver that you are using to use the connection string internally makes all the difference.

Which port you are going to open ?

1521-1540, yes indeed driver, but i m not understanding your point. Do u want to say that driver is slow to create connection at startup? I have to change driver?

Oracle works on 1521 and 1522 only, using other ports may not help.

No solution yet... app is still very slow.. I wonder is there any solution or not, tns ping takes 30msec

Are you doing any other processing in application startup or only database connection ?

no processing, just the connection string at startup,
I have a seperate thread for it.

//class conn

//main class
while(conn class is alive)
fetch connection from conn class for executing query.
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