I create some tables in EasyPhp>>Phpmyadmin>>test(db name)>>((localhost)) and it works correctly with my designed page in dreamweaver but i wanna upload all of tables into the mysql db in cpanel
So, the question is How can I move all of the tables with saving details to mysql db in cpanel ?
and also i wanna set up backup from tables

I checked all of the items in Privileges tab. ( Full Access )

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I assume that you have phpmyadmin installed in both your local server and live server.

So open phpmyadmin,
select database,
select tables and all parameters you want
export to sql file format

now you have your sql file.

Now open phpmyadmin of live server
create database if it is not there
press import
select sql file
and you are done

Thanks Dear

thanks urtrivedi and dr.4030

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