I am about to create a web based application, using only free web technologies like Ruby on Rails or PHP.
But its a bit hard for me to finalize on a free / open source database management system, that will help in performance, scalability, portability and easy hosting.

I appreciate any efforts towards this ...

Thanks... :)

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A comparison of various databases would also be helpful ...


hi Rahul V S ,

For Php applications mysql database will be good choice.....

hi Rahul V S ,

For Php applications mysql database will be good choice.....

Hi anand01,
thanks and appreciate your help... :)
yes i do understand that php and MySQL is a pretty good pair ...

let me confess that i only have a very little experience with MySQL, to comment on it,
but I think as far as MySQL is concerned, doesn't it slow down with huge data and/or query and is it good as far as scalability is concerned ?

The general opinion is that MySQL is accessible, easy to use. Postgresql is robust, more technical, harder to get started using. I've used both without any real trouble (but the Postgres one was set up and administered by someone else). MS SqlServer Express may be good for you if you are a Microsoft-only kind of programmer (I have no experience) Oracle Express may be good if you have Oracle background already... or want to learn how Oracle works (I have no experience). SqlLite is embeddable, very light weight, file-system based. Works great for medium and smaller projects with "normal" database requirements; but doesn't scale to seriously big data sets in my experience.

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