Hey everyone,

I'm just wondering if there is a way to get around this problem. I'm running SQLplus on UNIX server and SSHing into the server. Whenever I query Oracle DB, a list of results/bunch of tables comes up but I can not scroll up to the top of tables..... Any solution to this? SQLplus shows me around 80-100 lines

And, Is there a way to delete all constraints on table at once?


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You need to increase the buffer.

You need to prepare a dynamic script for the same.

any idea on how to do this, mate?

You need to take the list of constraints from user_constraints using a cursor and then frame and execute the following script dynamically.

alter table
DISABLE constraint

yeah thanks for the help, mate. I have dropped the constraints on tables but they are stored in recycle bin. And their names are starting with BIN.... like an encrypted name. To solve this problem, I had to use

PURGE TABLE table_name
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