hi , I have database 'center' with huge data and wanted to create a dummy 'test' database for 'center' db with 1000 random data for testing purpose. I generated script to copy the db but the resulting 'test' db was tables without data. i need 1000 samples for all the tables.. please help me.. am using MS SQL 2008 R2. thank you.

You have to prepare an insert script of desired number of records from desired tables.

Why don't you use a select distinct * into newdb.dbo.table from table approach ?
By using

 FROM sys.Tables

you can get a list of all tables. Use this in a cursor and for each table you get use the select .. into.

Edit: To use the select into approach you'll need to script it as a string and use Exec function. If you have a problem post back and I'll prepare something for you.

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