Is it possible to create a stored procedure to delete all records from a table (i.e. DELETE FROM <tablename>), but pass the table name to the procedure as a parameter? My desire is to have only one procedure for deleting multiple tables' records; I would simply pass in the table name as a parameter to the procedure. If this can be done, please provide examples, thanks!

Yes it can be done by using dynamic SQL.

Here is a simple example:

declare @tablename varchar(20) 
declare @criteria varchar(500) 
set @tablename = 'table1' 
set @criteria = '' --you can set criteria if you wish, I'm leaving it blank, but using it in the command. 

declare @command varchar(2000) 
set @command = 'delete from ' + @tablename + ' ' + @criteria

You can read more about execute here:

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