Hi.. im new to web development and we have to do a web development project as part of curriculum.. we are doing Airline ticket Reservation System.. one of the requirement in the project is user should be able to select a seat of choice,if available. I was wondering how to define the db tables for seating arrangements. I mean each flight has different rows n seats.. how do I store seating details for each flight and their status in the database?

Thanks in advance..

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You can store the siting arrangement (available/occupied,window/middle/aisle) of flights in database as per flight code.


i will to provide the table for seat only, u have to determine other tables
table name: Seat
parent table : FlightNumber
- record ID: record identifier
- flight number: flight number of the trip (including flight number and date)
- row id
- seat number in the row
- seat position: (windows, aisle, middle)
- seat class : economy, business, first class
- status: available, occupied, not applicable

hope it will help

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