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Sign(MemberID, MemberName, ActivityID, ActivityName, SessionID, CoachID, CoachName, Day, From, To)

The table Sign record the enrolment information of sports club members in sports activities. The information recorded are the the member name, member id, the activity name, the activity id, a session id that is unique within the same activity, the day, start and end times of the activity session enrolled, and the id and name of the coach supervising the activity session. Each session must be supervised by only one coach and the duration of all activity sessions is one hour.

•what is functional dependencies that covers all the non-trivial dependencies

•what is all candidate keys for the relation Sign and choose a primary key

•What is the highest normal form to which the relation Sign conforms? Why?

•Normalize the relation Sign to the next higher normal form. Indicate to which normal form(s) the resulting relations now conform? And why?

My answer was

definition of functional dependencies (FD)

SessionId->From, and SessionId->To



coachId->CoachName, activityName

candidate keys membId , activityId , coachId .

and this relation is in first Normal Form
and this what i did Is this correct

Sign(MemberID, ActivityID, SessionID, CoachID )
Member (MemberID, MemberName)
Activity (ActivityID, ActivityName, Description)
ActivitySession ([sessionID, ActivityID)
Session (SessionID, Day, From, To)
Coach (CoahID, Coach Name)

Can any Body help me to understood this problem..?

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