Hi all,

I really need help for fixing one of the issue in my project.

We have a passenger table which is used for Airlines operation. We need to sort the passengers by their seat numbers. Seat numbers are in format <1/2digits><1Alphabet> eg: 1A, 1B, 1C, 22A, 11B, 24D, 9A, 33A, 12B etc...

I have managed to sort the passenger table by seat number with the following query:

Select * from passenger_tbl where (dyn_flt_alcd = 'FR') and (dyn_flt_no = '000') and (dyn_flt_dt = '11/20/2011')and dyn_bcty='BLL' order by LEN(fname_seat1),fname_seat1

where fname_seat1 is varchar(3) which will hold the seat number.

The problem now is that I have to sort the passengers according to the seat numbers and display only passengers from 6th row. I can get the seat number of 6th row from code, I am unable to form a query which sorts the passengers according to seat numbers from 6th row.

I have formed the below query which is not working as expected.

Select * from passenger_tbl where (dyn_flt_alcd = 'FR') and (dyn_flt_no = '000') and (dyn_flt_dt = '11/20/2011')and dyn_bcty='BLL' and len(fname_seat1)>=2 and fname_seat1 >= '9A' order by LEN(fname_seat1),fname_seat1

where 9A is the seat number of the sixth row. The result is not as expected :(

Note: the expected result is that "The passengers who have seat number greater than '9A' should be listed".

Please help!!!

That'll be easier for us to help you if you just do us a favor. Please try including the queries in the code tags..


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