I want to create a database like Dmoz(dmoz.org).
I have a problem with creating parent child relation.
I want to create parent child relation. This parent child relation will be assigned to a 'links' table. In the links table I will insert data whether in root category or subcategory of sub-subcategry.
What is the best method to do this relation??

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I am not sure you need a links table for such a simple structure.

Ensure each row has a unique id, include a column named something like parentId to hold the id of the parent record.

I had a look at that website, it looks like a many-to-many relationship in which case you will need a links table to normalise it.

The table can be simple with two columns one for parent rowid and child row id. When you are displaying the child records you do a join on this table to the child rowid and filtering on the parent rowid.

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