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This is definately a very late reply but just incase some one googled and gets here.

Incase you(Shapam) are still in need of this,
First of, if you are tracking this yourself, you need to have an audit trail table. This table basically keeps records of all activities performed on various tables of your db. You should have a column that records the dates the changes were made.

This means that, you would need to write a query that inserts into the audit trail table everytime changes are made to all tables. Then you could always query the audit trail table.

Also Google Oracle auditing.


thanks for ur reply but this prob already had solved...


I am facing problem in database.

i want to select tables which have been updated from last one week..

you can also use dba_objects table to get last DDL time. But to get tables based on transaction you should go for audit settings.

try this link


Hello Shapam,
That's good to know, please could you post how you got the problem solved, so I and others can benefit from it? Thanks and also mark as solved once you do.

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