Am new to php and I have a question that is probably very easy. I have been watching tutorials online to learn how to work with databases, but none of them speak on how to upload to server.

This is my problem: am using vertrigoserv but specifically using PHPMyAdmin in it. After I create my database, users, etc...how do I know upload those settings to my actual www server (instead of localhost)? I don't know if am clarifying myself but I hope someone out there will understand me. Everything am working on is locally on my machine...besides knowing how to hit "Put" in dreamweaver to upload the files itself, how do i actually upload the database information and settings that I have in PHPMyAdmin?

Please help, thanks!

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If you have phpmyadmin on both systems, then you can use the database export and import tool.

Thanks a lot! I actually figured it out before u replied. But thanks for replying :)

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