hi! another query!
i want to insert values into the table 'employee' for the 'adddress' field in such a way that the large address comes in two or three lines like this

empid	empname	        address	        mobile	        grade	basic
Joyban1	Joy banerjee	5/67,	        1234567890	2000	10000
		        nehru colony,			

because if the address is in one line then the whole table is displayed in a haphazard way in the command line.
but if i use

insert into employee(empid,empname.address,mobile,grade,basic)
                    values('joyban1','joy banerjee','5/67,\n nehru colony,\n kolkata-\n700045',1234567890,2000,10000);

the table is displayed in a haphazard manner!
please help!

It sounds like you are trying to enforce presentation into the database which is not the right way to go about it. The database simply holds data, the interface needs to parse the data into the desired form.

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