I'm running a query through XML from the local database which uses PHPMyAdmin to a remote one which uses MSSQL.

Unfortunately I have no way of checking syntax against MSSQL so all I know is that this works in PHPMyAdmin. So the query gets as far as running, but is never successful.

UPDATE tbl_wisenet_checklist_shared SET Completed = '1', DateCompleted = '2006-03-06', StaffName = 'Ladybib Nat', Comment = 'Level 2 competencies assessed, Phase 2B (WRRI1B, WRRF1B, WRRLP2B, WRRCS3B, WRRCS2B). Clarifying questions asked to check underpinnning knowledge. Trainee is competent - assessment evidence attached. Assessment techniques used include observation, verbal questions and written assignments.T, Rang to check, Discussed results with Manager/Owner, Rest of comment' WHERE ChecklistID = 78780;

Any Ideas? :rolleyes:

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "running the query through XML". I understand that MSSQL Server has an XML method to query--so maybe you are using that....in any case....

The query you show is a valid MSSQL query--I don't see any problems with the query itself.

Do you not have any access to the MSSQL Server? If you do, you can use Query Analyzer to look at the data and test your query. Query Analyzer is a tool that comes with SQL Server. Also, the SQL Server itself will have an osql command line tool.

Is this part of a solution that needs to run on a regular basis or a one-time data migration? You may find the export features of phpMyAdmin to be helpful. You can export any or all tables including structure and the data into a nice text file. That file contains ready SQL statements to create the table and insert all the data. You can execute it against your SQL server (or just the inserts).

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