I am creating a shared database to record requests entered by a team of 30. I need to record the Order Number, Reviewer Name, Date, Action Type(Order Type), Client Name, and a comments box for each order entered.

When creating forms, Currently Reviewer Name and Date are auto-input so the reviewer will not have to enter this information. Client Name, Action Type are drop down boxes and Order Number is manual input. All are required inputs excepting the comments field.

Can 30 people add to one table all at the same time? Or is a more practical approach 30 tables with 30 forms and then linking the tables for reporting?

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30 is pushing it a bit for MSAccess but in theory you should be OK. Just use one table and one form. Given the number of concurrent users I would be inclined not to use bound fields. Instead have a save button which builds an SQL INSERT statement to insert the row into the table. This way you are holding a lock on the table for the minimum time. This is important because Access is single threaded at points.

If you having concurrency problems you may like to consider migrating the data component to SQLServer Express (which is free) It is better at handling large numbers of concurrent users than Access

Thank you for the suggestion concerning SQLServer Express. While it may be pushing it I believe I will make an attempt at this while attempting to incorporate SQLServer Express. I am in the process of designing an alternative to the way the managers in my office run reports. Currently the information is entered on an excel spreadsheet by 25 individual users and combined to one master sheet for reporting, out of excel. I believe it can save the management staff allot of time being able to run some parametrized reports out of access.

I was unsure if Access would give me errors if multiple users would attempt to add a record at the same time. The process happens approximately 80 times per user per day. I am not an expert in this field, however with a little research I can add the suggested "save" button to the forms.

Any suggestions on presenting strictly an individualized form to each user 1-25? Is this best done through a webpage? Or is it possible to place a shortcut on each user's desktop only allowing access to the form. Is presenting a switchboard a possibility or are switchboards no longer used in access?

Thanks kindly for your suggestions!

You may choose to have a separate frontend database on each users PC that all connect to database holding the data on the server. That way each user could have their own customised screen if that is what you want. It is a bit more problematic from a maintenance point of view but it is very simple to implement.

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