whats the difference between a table created in innodb and one created in myisam?'Advantages/disadvantage of innodb over myisam and which will you recommend on a web based application specifically meant for dating?

thanx u all.

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This thread should answer your question: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread40911.html

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in my experience, myisam is better for high read volumes, innodb for high update volumes due to table vs row locking.

innodb is journaled, and can recover from crashes where myisam can't, much like NTFS vs FAT file systems.

myisam has full-text indexing, innodb doesn't.

innodb has transaction support, commits and rollbacks, myisam lacks these.

Myisam is default database engine It's not supported in transction.
But Innodb supported all transactions.

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