I am having trouble to find the entities for this condition. Can anyone please help me here.

A university has different types of staffs, e.g., lecturer, receptionist, cleaner etc. Should be recorded is class of jobs - Academic, Technical and General.
An Academic can teach many subjects in a session (summer, winter)
University offers many degrees (post graduate and under graduate), and the degrees may be by coursework or by research. Each degree has many programs and each program has many courses.Need to clarify What type of course is that (core or elective).
Any student can enroll many programs, so I need to record all programs and start date for each student.
Each course is offered in many sessions. I need to record for each course, place of teaching, lecturer days and total duration of course. Each course is coordinated by a coordinator who is academic.
While recording each session, I must include in ER diagram year, teaching period, start and end date, break.
For each enrolled student, his/her grade and marks also should be recorded

This is the case. What I have found is


these are the entities. What else ? or should i take off any of aboves ??
I am getting hard thinking, how will I create the relation of An academic can teach many courses. Should I create academic, admin and general as separate entities ? and How will I manage each enrolled student's grade marks in this ER diagram ? Please help.

I think there can be an entity called as academic_type in which you can include admin,co-ordinator ,etc. And the relationship will be as one academic_type has many academics, in which case academic will also be an entity . Also a cource will be of a cource_type (core/elective) .
Give it a thought as to giving the grades of a student . Will guide further once you get the grade entities identified .

Hi Biswasparajuli,

Are you looking to get help in drawing the ER diagram or designing the database for this?

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