EER for Rental store, to be put into Oracle for a database.

I have a databases project due monday. I'm still very new to databases so my understanding is minimal.
I'm sorry if the answer to this is already on the web or somewhere on daniweb but I could not find an answer to my problem.

I have completed an EER, and am working on table design, I need to put it into Oracle tomorrow. I'm good with SQL syntax, I just don't understand how to get from the EER to SQL with certain attributes etc., so I'm hoping it's a simple problem that someone can help me with.I have a picture attached of the EER I drew quickly in Gliffy.

I wanted to have my EER right so as to not repeat data. So to my understanding, Games, & Movies, from the diagram will inherit the traits in Products,

and if products had ProdId, Games, and Movies will both inherit this and in SQL for Games and Movies to inherit that, it would look like this??

Create Table Games

Is that right?? If so, then I only have 2-3 more problems.

Both Sales, and Rental are Relationship attributes. Am i right so far?
I hope I am but I have no idea how to put a relationship attribute into Oracle in SQL. I'm sure it's simple, I just can't find it.

That's two problems voiced, my second last one, involves what I think are called Aggregations?? which are Action, Comedy, Platformer, Shooter etc.. and again I have no idea how to put them into Oracle.

My final problem is with data entry, assuming I am right with my first problem, Movies, and Games, where would I insert data?? PRoducts, or Games??

I am of course not looking for anybody to do my work for me, but if I don't know how to do it I cant, but I literally just need to know how to do it once and I'll learn it.

Thank you so much to anybody who can help me and thank you to anyone who looks at this for your time and consideration.

Hello samc36,

Sorry for the late reply. I'm pretty sure you might have submitted the project by now. Well, ur ERD looks good. Were you asking of how to translate this into tables in oracle? PS: does EER mean?

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