I have a query regarding Merge Replication.

I have 5 Tables.

  1. SetYarnMain Fields (MainId(PK), MainName, Comments)
  2. SetYarnSub (SubId(PK), SubName, MainId(FK), Comments)
  3. SetYarnDet (DetId(PK), DetName,SubId(FK),MainId(FK), Comments)
  4. SetYarnGrp (GrpId(PK), GrpName, DetId(FK),SubId(FK),MainId(FK), Comments)
  5. SetYarn (YarnId(PK),YarnName,GrpId(FK),DetId(FK),SubId(FK),MainId(FK),Comments)

These Tables doesnt have Identity Column

Lets take 2 tables SetYarnMain and SetYarnSub. I am generating a series in SetYarnSub Table with respect to SetYarnMain Table.
Let say MainId is 01 at Location A and at Location B.

If a user at Location B Inserts a row the SubId let say becomes 01001, but If a user at Location A Inserts a row then same Id is generated because the replication hasn't done yet.

When merge replication is performed table SetYarnSub at both location has 01001 id creates conflict in PK.

I need to know how to solve this problem.

Please if someone has the solution I humbly request to post it immediately.

Thanks and Regards

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You can either use a uniqueidentifier to make sure that you don't have duplicate IDs in your tables or add the location in the id (01001A and 01001B).

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