so i've been working on a database in oracle for a booking system and I am trying to create dyanmic query results...

was just wondering if there is a way to create a query to add up all the seats in a arena with booking numbers (not necessarily the same booking number) assigned to them (meaning they are sold).

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Sure, shouldn't be too difficult. can you provide an example of the fields in this table or joined tables?

for example, let's say it is one table. and the booking numbers where in a field called bookingNum. If you wanted to count how many rows in the table had data in the bookingNum field, the query can look like this...

Asuming a Microsoft SQL Database table and bookingNum field contains null values where no value exist....

select count(bookingNum) from TABLE_NAME where bookingNum is not null

I am not sure about this query on Oracle. It should work, but the various SQL platforms have slight differences here and there. If there is a difference, it will be in the where portion of the query...

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