I'm trying to decide which SQLite book to get and was wondering if anyone has used either of the ones or others listed below?
I could rely on Amazon testimonials but not sure I trust them. I have never used any database software outside of Microsoft access before so will need a little coaching on how to communicate with the rdbms and make inputs using a gui (which I will build seperately) and running reports off using a separate report generator (of which in some way I want to integrate into a single application).



I have no sqlite experience, but I would choose Apress books over O'Reilly based on experiences with other languages. What language will you build the GUI in?

Why do you need a book for SqLite? Its just a standard SQL database, any SQL book will do. If you already know sql then you don't need a book at all, SqLite comes with several examples.

Thanks for that (both). I ended up buying the Definitive guide to SQlite. I'm not so good with this stuff but am looking long term. I've been told that this book has some good introductory topics on rdbms which will be useful for me too.

Thanks for the feedback.


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