I want to develop a simple application which runs on single computer (just runs in one mechine) and did not need network. Program has to store some data in database and show them for printing. I have no experience with real-word program so I confused here: If the program is so simple why should I use sql-server or crystal report; What is benefit of using them? What is benefit of not using them? I can use a Sqlite file or sdf file or sql-server for storing data and I can generate a html file or use crystal-report for printing the data. But which one is better strategy and why? How exprenced programmer write this kind of application?

Note: I asked same question in other forums but thay closed thread beacuse it's not like pool or...
But I think there must bu rules or suggestions in developing whish are different from one case to another

With Crystal Reports you have a choice of a variety of data sources such as standard SQL databases (MS SQL, MySQL, SqLite, etc), Excel worksheets, text files etc. So in your case it might depend on how much data there might be and do you need to frequently query the data so that it can be displayed on the screen rather than in a report. If you made an Excel worksheet out of the data how many rows and columns would it have? If it has hundreds or thousands of rows then you might want to choose one of the formal SQL-compliant databases.

As for what programming language to use, I recommend whatever language you already know. You could write the program is most languages so choose the one that is easiest for you.

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