It's my first time to use oracle and i'm kinda lost :S
I'm using netbeans v6.8 and i want to make a connection between Oracle 10g DB and java to make my program insert and retrieve data from the db
- i tried searching for oracle's libraries to include it in java but i found so many libraries and i don't know which one to use !!! i want something like the "MySQL JDBC Driver"( i add it when working with mysql db)

  • the data i'm expecting to have wil be sooooo huge,so my mentor suggested cluster index. i have table for users and another table called features
    i want to make a cluster index on user.usernames by letters then another indexing on features.f1 then another one on features.f2 and so on.
    is there's something ready or built in to make this in oracle or i have to write a java/query code myself ??

    Thanks in advance

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You need to design your own database objects.

So there's no built in functions for indexing and i have to make the whole indexing myself ?!
thnx for your help :)

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