Hi .
i am a final year computer science engineering student ,
Recently i have learned Java Servlets , JSP and Struts 2 framework .

I am looking for help regarding my major project .
I am in dark what (which application) i should develop for my major project using above technology.
I have 7 months to develop my project from now , so i want the project must be powerful and fullfill industrial standards as much as possible .
I am ready to word hard day and night.

And i Thank Dani Web community for helping and supporting me for my minor project (human resource management system) .. Because of support from daniweb community i was able to make that project so efficent and of good standard.

This one is just my second project , i am a newbie .
Please keep supporting me .

So Please suggest what i should make for major project using java (Servlets, JSP ,Struts 2 )

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choose something you are interrested in, that way you'll stay motivated.
there are more reasons why you should decide on a project yourself, than possible projects to suggest, so the best way to start is to think:

what are the (minimum) requirements?
what can I do?
what can I do respecting the deadline?
how can I impress my teacher/professor/employer with my knowledge?

you want your project to meet the industrial standards, but if you don't know what you will do, how do you know what the standards are?

prnjn - Since you want something industrial and you have Servlets and JSP as your choice,

Please see the link below:

Click Here

The tutorial link posted above shows the usage of Servlets and JSP.

Its a good start if you intend to have a project meeting industrial needs as well as an organized system.

Wishing You All The Best In Your Project.

Happy Coding


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