if i have roughly 25 identical tables is it possible to do the following

SELECT tm_name,
`tablename` as Activity
from t1, t2 ,t3 
where date = curdate

or would it be better to add another column to the table thats hidden from the users and automatically populate with the tablename.

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The problem is that you will most likely not get the results you want. I suggest you create a query (or view) like this:

SELECT `tm_name`, `date`, 't1' AS TableName FROM t1
SELECT `tm_name`, `date`, 't2' AS TableName FROM t2
-- and so on

When you list multiple table names after the FROM keyword, you are essentially creating JOINing tables. Based on your description, it sounds like you are trying to query multiple tables with the same information to produce one result set. For this type of scenario, I would suggest that you use the UNION keyword seperated by your different SELECT statements. For example...

SELECT tm_name FROM table1
SELECT tm_name FROM table2
SELECT tm_name FROM table3

As pritaeas said, I'd recommend adding a table idetifier column, since that is the only way of identifying which table is every row from.

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