Hey guys! I have created an Access 2010 database. On one of the tables, there are fields [Start Time], [End Time] and [Total Time]. The user will input the start and end times but and the total time will be the difference between the two. I cannot figure out how to go about this. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!!

use the datediff function, inspite of its name it handles times as well as dates.

Thanks for you input Chris! I have tried to implement the DateDiff function but have ran into a snag. Below is how I am using it in a query.

Total Time: DateDiff("Short Time",[Work Start Time],[Work End Time])

It is returning "#Func!". Do you have any idea what could be causing this?

datediff returns a number, ie number of days, number of hours, number seconds depending on the first parameter. so if you want the number of hours between the two the call looks like

noHours = datediff("h",[Work Start Time],[Work End Time])

or in SQL

noHours:datediff("h",[Work Start Time],[Work End Time])

That worked! Thanks!