I have problem with database system that where it would make sense not to use a database system??
Practically I didn’t meet such that situation and need to know about your ideas.
(It not need to practical at always)

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If you don't have data to store, you wouldn't use a database system.

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If you don't have data to store, you wouldn't use a database system.

Are you referring to a situation where you have data that is static and does not change and is not large with respect to quantity? There are other methods of storing such data, for example, in an XML file.

Could be any number of scenarios. Three examples are above, but there are others:
1. Input is always sequential or unordered, you could use a flat file.
2. Output is unordered or chronological, you could use a flat file.
3. Input is streamed or random, use a service endpoint.
4. Output is random, use a service endpoint.
5. Input is a BLOB (Binary Large Object), you could use RAW.
6. And on, and on...
In many cases, using a DBMS is more of a convenience than a requirement...it's overkill. But, as the volume or quantity of data grows, it becomes desirable to have a mechanism to limit the amount of data that has to be reviewed and touched, rather than to just slurp up the entire data set and decide what to do on a case-by-case basis.

Conversely, if you have large quantities of data that are always processed, sometimes using a DBMS is more a hindrance than an advantage. Much depends on the usage of the data and the requirements of the problem space. This space is really too small to talk about all the different factors that go into deciding on using a DBMS or not, but a quick Google search should give you a nice historical perspective.

Thank you BitBlt,
Really thank you very much.
I learn good point from your post.
Thank you..

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