hello !
i have query , in which i am concatinating different fields and making a simple string , the length of string is very large, i want to put line break in it , i dont know to do this , my string is now in this format.

LotNo:12 (prod:abc,Qty:45,rate:56,date:12/7/2012),LotNo:13 (prod:abc,Qty:45,rate:56,date:12/7/2012),LotNo:14 (prod:abc,Qty:45,rate:56,date:12/7/2012)

i want to show like this
LotNo:12 (prod:abc,Qty:45,rate:56,date:12/7/2012)
LotNo:13 (prod:abc,Qty:45,rate:56,date:12/7/2012)
LotNo:14 (prod:abc,Qty:45,rate:56,date:12/7/2012)

i already used char(13) but same result. please help me in this ,


Have you tried char(10)?

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