Hello, I want to do horizontal fragmentation of a table say employee. But fragmentation is often related to distributed databases. So i want to ask how can i do this on my single home computer?
Could anyone list out the steps that should be performed. I saw the concept of link but really failed to understand that. Thanks

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In horizontal fragmentation a relation (table) r is partitioned into a number of subsets r1,r2,...,rn. Each tuple (row) of relation r must belong to atleast one of the fragments so that the original relation can be reconstructed if necessary.

This is an assignment and also i do not accept complete solution. I will post the entire question so that you can understand what i want to achieve

Create a global conceptual schema emp(eno,ename,address,email,salary) and insert 10 records. Divide emp into horizontal fragments using the condition that emp1 contains the tuples with salary=10000 and emp2 with 10000<salary<=20000 on two different nodes. Fire the following queries:
1. Find the salary of all employees.
2. Find the email of all employees where salary = 15000.
3. Find the employee name and email where employee number is known.
4. Find the employee name and address where employee number is known

Any advice will be helpful

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