I need to order these dates in descending order (last should be first) and in fact how they now appear. However they do not necessarily appear like those so I need a SQL Order By clause to order these descending:

2012-01-23 09:53:24.097105

2012-01-20 17:31:57.565458

2012-01-20 17:01:09.154587

2012-01-20 16:28:40.685735

2012-01-16 12:03:54.99954

Here is my SQL (which returns an error):

ORDER BY TransmissionSend.CreateTimestamp DESC

I need help creating a working SQL query that displays the times in descending order... Any help would be great!


Your SQL statement above shows you selecting from a different table than your ORDER BY field.

TransmissionSend vs TransmissionSendItem.

Right :) It was a pretty stupid mistake.

Not a problem, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is helpfull.

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