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I need some example with SQL plus code on various SET operation. But the query have to be with SELECT keyword. For example I am giving a code:

Create table student (s_id number(4), sname varchar2(10),constraint pk_sid primary key (s_id),blood_gp varchar2(4));
create table location(l_id number(4),location varchar2(20),constraint pk_lid primary key(l_id));
create table studentlocation(s_id number(4),l_id number(4),constraint fk_ssid foreign key (s_id) references student(s_id),constraint fk_lsid foreign key (l_id) references location(l_id));

This is the tables of student, location and student location.

select student.sname student_name,location.location Location from student,location,studentlocation where student.s_id=studentlocation.s_id and location.l_id=studentlocation.l_id;

This query will return the result of Student name and their location based on the inserted data.
This exercise was given to us by the Venn diagram.
I need this type of more example so that I can do this type of query of my own.

Thank you all.

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You need to read books for all that.
If you hit any search engine with proper keywords, will get a lot of online resources.

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