Good Morning,
I need some example with SQL plus code on various SET operation. But the query have to be with SELECT keyword. For example I am giving a code:

Create table student (s_id number(4), sname varchar2(10),constraint pk_sid primary key (s_id),blood_gp varchar2(4));
create table location(l_id number(4),location varchar2(20),constraint pk_lid primary key(l_id));
create table studentlocation(s_id number(4),l_id number(4),constraint fk_ssid foreign key (s_id) references student(s_id),constraint fk_lsid foreign key (l_id) references location(l_id));

This is the tables of student, location and student location.

select student.sname student_name,location.location Location from student,location,studentlocation where student.s_id=studentlocation.s_id and location.l_id=studentlocation.l_id;

This query will return the result of Student name and their location based on the inserted data.
This exercise was given to us by the Venn diagram.
I need this type of more example so that I can do this type of query of my own.

Thank you all.

You need to read books for all that.
If you hit any search engine with proper keywords, will get a lot of online resources.

Look for documentation on the UPDATE keyword, you use SET with that.

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