Hi all
The problem is the following :

  • I am in a project that contains a table of users(user_tbl) and another table of groups(Group_tbl) . and each group can contains multi-user by

Group_Id which is foreign key in user_tbl .

  • I am now about creating a trigger that happens when inserting in permissions_tbl (contains users and group permissions) . It should insert all users of the inserted group into the permissions_tbl also with the same values the group taked.
  • So , I need Loops very much to loop in the user_tbl and get the users of the inserted group then insert them in the permissions_tbl .

I wish if some one can help me .
Thank you very much

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Boy you need to reed up on the relational model and set-theory. Loops don't belong in an RDBMS. (except in VERY exceptional circumstances)

Google or search some of these terms and start reading.

You don't need a trigger or a loop Yuck!

If you can supply more details on structure of your table and sample data, and what you need the result to be I could give you example TSQL code to do it.


Thank you very much
i will try that
but in general , how can i loop through a result set from a select statement in a trigger or in a stored procedures , that is needed for checking values and other comparisons when looping

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