so i now how to write quies and really really easy. its alot easier than being computer programmer. but sql salary are really high and computer programer which is alot harder is lower. why is this. a phd student told me that sql job are really boring. is that true??

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Depends on the job. A data analyst builds queries/stored proces/triggers to store/retrieve information. Some people like this, but most I know find it very boring. A DBA's salary will be higher as he is responsible for database design and performance as well.


You probably find it easy because you like it. So done that finds it boring will most likely have trouble learning it.

If go like something, you are probably going to spend time to learn it, be good at it, and get a good salary.

No matter how much a job pays, if you aren't interested, it will be boring and you won't be good at it.

I don't see what a PhD has to do with SQL. My wife thinks that SQL is boring too.

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