Hello, sirs!
I have got a SQL Database on one computer and there is another computer in a local network. I want the other computer have access to SQL-Database by real time, but not able to modify it. And one more thing, is there any possibility to convert SQL-Database to .xlsx or .xls?
I don't know anything about SQL Databases or about SQL at all, please if you can, help me to do this....

So what kind of SQL database is this...Microsoft SQL, MySQL, etc? For example, if you are running Microsoft SQL, you can just install the SQL management Studio on the other computer and on the DB, just provide a login with the specific permission you wish to assign.

Yes, you can convert/migrate data from a DB into XLS. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it can be as easy as opening the DB with a Management studio and copy/pasting into XLS. You can also open from XLS and link to the DB. There are wizards, etc...

JorgeM, thank you for your reply, I think tomorrow I will learn out the version of SQL, and inform you
Branickiod, thank to you also, just I want to do it like database should update automatically when the main database is updated.

Now I have got more data about our system. There is not 1 PC, but 2 PC with SQL Servers on them, on one of them there is Microsoft SQL Server Express and on another one Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The problem is that we have access to DB only after the Data Control system modifies it during some tests. Tests run as minimum 2 hours. I want to have access to DB realtime during the test on one more PC, maybe with changing each 1 minute, but not to damage the main one, or maybe the copy of DB each 1 min.
Please SQL-gurus, help me to do that...

Can I use the replication method?

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