I, getting a new xml file everyday to one of our external ftp servers. I want to get that file and then insert select data into my mysql.

What I'm thinking is that I would use curl to get the file, then simplexml and then insert into database.

But as the xml file contains sensitive data, the transfer must be encrypted to keep out prying eyes :)

In overview, does anybody have any suggestions or examples on how to go about this?

Take care

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FTP is not secure. If you want the data transfer to be encrypted, use SSL. Other option is to encrypt the XML on the server (if you can control this), retrieve it, and decrypt it on your end.

Ok, what if I get the file to our servers via FTPS implicit. Then everything should be secure enough, right?

The workflow would be something like this:

Daily a file gets sent via FTPS to our server and a cronjob activates a script to parse it and insert it into our database.

Would it be simpler/securer using a ETL tool like Talend to perform this task


I do not know Talend.

Ok, thanks for your help though!

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